Java – JPanel size by inner components


Is it possible to tell JPanel to set its size to fit all components that it contains? Something like pack() for JFrame.

edit: The trick with preferredSize didn't help. I've got JSplitPane, where in one part there is GridBagLayout with many labels (see screenshot) and labels overlap each other.


Best Solution

After looking at the source code for pack(), I came up with:


This forces the panel to recalculate its preferred size based on the preferred sizes of its subcomponenents.

You may or may not have to call validate() afterward; in my tiny example, it seemed to make no difference, but the Javadoc says:

The validate method is used to cause a container to lay out its subcomponents again. It should be invoked when this container's subcomponents are modified (added to or removed from the container, or layout-related information changed) after the container has been displayed.

So I guess it depends on why you're having to repack your JPanel.

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