Java – Junit SuiteClasses with a static list of classes


SuiteClasses will work just fine with a list of classes like {Test1.class,Test2.class}, but when I try to generate a static list of classes, it says incompatible types: required java.lang.Class<?> but found java.lang.Class<?>[]

What am I missing?


public class TestSuite {

    public static Class<?> [] classes;

    static {
       classes = new Class<?> [1];
       classes[0] = MyTest.class;

Best Solution

That shouldn't really work. You are intended to put the array within the annotation as a constant. Even if you got past this problem, the compiler would reject it. What you need to do is this:


@Suite.SuiteClasses({MyTest.class, MyOtherTest.class})
public static class TestSuite {

Note the squiggly brackets.

I'm sure what you are trying to get at is to be able to build the list of classes in the suite dynamically.

I submitted a request to them to allow that, but in the mean time the only way to do it is to subclass the Suite class like so:

public class DynamicSuite extends Suite {

    public DynamicSuite(Class<?> setupClass) throws InitializationError {
       super(setupClass, DynamicSuiteBuilder.suite());

public class DynamicSuiteBuilder {
   public static Class[] suite() {
         //Generate class array here.