Java – Lightweight Java Object cache API



I'm looking for a Java in-memory object caching API. Any recommendations? What solutions have you used in the past?


Right now, I'm just using a Map:

Map cache = new HashMap<String, Object>();
cache.put("key", value);


I need to extend the cache to include basic features like:

  • Max size
  • Time to live

However, I don't need more sophisticated features like:

  • Access from multiple processes (caching server)
  • Persistence (to disk)


In-Memory caching:

  • Guava CacheBuilder – active development. See this presentation.
  • LRUMap – Config via API. No TTL. Not purpose built for caching.
  • whirlycache – XML config. Mailing list. Last updated 2006.
  • cache4j – XML config. Documentation in Russian. Last updated 2006.

Enterprise caching:

  • JCS – Properties config. Extensive documentation.
  • Ehcache – XML config. Extensive documentation. By far the most popular according to Google hits.

Best Solution

EHCache is very nice. You can create an in memory cache. Check out their code samples for an example of creating an in memory cache. You can specify a max size, and a time to live.

EHCache does offer some advanced features, but if your not interested in using them - don't. But it's nice to know they are there if your requirements ever change.

Here is an in memory cache. Created in code, with no configuration files.

CacheManager cacheManager = CacheManager.getInstance();
int oneDay = 24 * 60 * 60;
Cache memoryOnlyCache = new Cache("name", 200, false, false, oneDay, oneDay);

Creates a cache that will hold 200 elements, and has a ttl of 24 hours.