Java – MP3 Encoding in Java


I need an OpenSource API in Java, which can encode *.wav and *.au formats to MP3 and vice-versa.

I have evaluated Java Sound API and LameOnJ, but they do not meet my requirements and are not stable, respectively. Please suggest one that is free and platform independent.

Best Solution

There may not be an adequate answer for you, yet, as the MP3 format requires the authors of decoder/encoders to obtain a license from the Fraunhofer Institute.

I think the the LAME library is distributed from a country that does not respect these IP issues, but it took a considerably amount of legal hackery to get this far.

For any other libraries - for example one written in Java, the authors need to get a similar license. Where cost is an issue - e.g. in an Open Source project, then this is enough of a disincentive to starting.

For more details see this wikipedia article.

If LAME4J is not stable enough for you, then I'm afraid your options are probably:

  • wait for Sun to license the format for the core JRE. This, I believe they have done recently, but I don't know of any release dates (perhaps to do with JavaFX)
  • implement your own in Java, and pay the license. I wouldn't fancy this one, either.
  • write your own Java wrapper to LAME, via JNA, or SWIG
  • contribute to Lame4J.
  • pick another format. OGG and FLAC are quite good, and relatively well supported.