Java – Multiple correct results with Hamcrest (is there an or-matcher?)


I am relatively new to matchers. I am toying around with hamcrest in combination with JUnit and I kinda like it.

Is there a way, to state that one of multiple choices is correct?

Something like

assertThat( result, is( either( 1, or( 2, or( 3 ) ) ) ) ) //does not work in hamcrest

The method I am testing returns one element of a collection. The list may contain multiple candidates. My current implementation returns the first hit, but that is not a requirement. I would like my testcase to succeed, if any of the possible candidates is returned. How would you express this in Java?

(I am open to hamcrest-alternatives)

Best Solution

assertThat(result, anyOf(equalTo(1), equalTo(2), equalTo(3)))

From Hamcrest tutorial:

anyOf - matches if any matchers match, short circuits (like Java ||)

See also Javadoc.

Moreover, you could write your own Matcher, what is quite easy to do.