Java – Newline character is not interpreted correctly in MimeMessage


StringBuffer emailMessage = new StringBuffer("Dear Scott");
emailMessage.append("Sending mail over internet");

So here is my formatted content when i inspect in debugger

Dear Scott,
Sending mail over internet

But when i receive it in thunderbird, i receive complete message in one line like below. Somehow newline character
is not interpreted correctly when sending the content as html

 Dear Scott,Sending mail over internet

here is how i am sending the message as html

 MimeMessage msg = null;
 msg = new MimeMessage(mailSession);
 msg.setText(body, CHARSET_UTF_8, "html");

If i simply send the text as msg.setText(body, CHARSET_UTF_8) then i see the message in right format i.e "Sending mail over internet" in seen in
next line. I am not getting why new line character is not interpreted correctly when sending the text as html?

Best Solution

Because you're sending an HTML email, you have to use <br /> instead of \r\n, just like a classic HTML document (e.g. a .html file). When you use \r\n, the rendered content won't print a new line, but the source code of the mail will (and vice versa).

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