Java PDF viewer with FDF


My company needs a PDF viewer with Java API with the additional requirement on being able to use FDF form data.

The only one i found was JPedal which promises to feature everything we need, but it costs a bunch. So what are my options? Is there another tool to do it?


I found iText to be an easy way to merge FDF data into the PDF form.

The only LGPL viewer that worked ok (unlike Adobe's own 10 year old Java 1.1 API) was Sun's pdf-renderer. But sadly it doesn't display form values. iText's form-flattening helps, but there has to be a better way.

Best Solution

Have a look at the Foxit SDK. The cost seems at bit less and i'm sure you'll get much more.

Maybe Open Office has something in its belt for you?

I also just found those: