Java – Regex for Parsing Simple Text-Based Datafile


Can anyone give me a hand with a touch of regex?

I'm reading in a list of "locations" for a simple text adventure (those so popular back in the day). However, I'm unsure as to how to obtain the input.

The locations all follow the format:

<location_name>, [<item>]
    [direction, location_name]

Such as:

Albus Square, Flowers, Traffic Cone
    NORTH, Franklandclaw Lecture Theatre
    WEST, Library of Enchanted Books
    SOUTH, Furnesspuff College

Library of Enchanted Books
    EAST, Albus Square
    UP, Reading Room

(Subsequent locations are separated by a blank line.)

I'm storing these as Location objects with the structure:

public class Location {

    private String name;

    private Map<Direction, Location> links;

    private List<Item> items;


I use a method to retrieve the data from a URL and create the Location objects from the read text, but I'm at a complete block as to do this. I think regex would be of help. Can anyone lend me a well-needed hand?

Best Solution

Agree w/ willcodejavaforfood, regex could be used but isn't a big boost here.

Sounds like you just need a little algorithm help (sloppy p-code follows)...

currloc = null
while( line from file )
    if line begins w/ whitespace
        (dir, loc) = split( line, ", " )
        add dir, loc to currloc
        newlocdata = split( line, ", " )
        currloc = newlocdata[0]
        for i = 1 to size( newlocdata ) - 1
            item = newlocdata[i]
            add item to currloc
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