Java – Replacement for GWT


I built an application using GWT in 2012 and it has worked fine until now when a major functionality upgrade is required.
I used GWT because my background is Java and having worked in MVP type projects prior to that it was a good fit.

Today, any problem I encounter and do a google search for has answers that are posted 2 to 3 years ago ( and in a lot of cases don't solve my own issues ) This is telling me that GWT is being left behind.
Because I built the app primarly as a hobby to learn GWT I feel like I would like to learn a more recent framework when rebuilding my application.
So to narrow it down, I want to know if there is any suitable more recent alternative to GWT out there that still allows me to code in Java.

I understand this may seem like a broad question where answers will be mainly based on opinion but how else can you pick peoples brains except asking "What is your opinion" How do I do a,b,c using Java is going to be answered 3 different ways by 3 different people based on their opinion of how it should be done.

Best Solution

I have heard about Vaadin (

Vaadin is a covering around GWT giving you more flexibility to work and the same time maintaining the GWT like experience.

Otherwise this is a good compilation, you could pick what you might need:

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