Java – Retrieving the inherited attribute names/values using Java Reflection


I've a Java object 'ChildObj' which is extended from 'ParentObj'. Now, if it is possible to retrieve all the attribute names and values of ChildObj, including the inherited attributes too, using Java reflection mechanism?

Class.getFields gives me the array of public attributes, and Class.getDeclaredFields gives me the array of all fields, but none of them includes the inherited fields list.

Is there any way to retrieve the inherited attributes also?

Best Solution

no, you need to write it yourself. It is a simple recursive method called on Class.getSuperClass():

public static List<Field> getAllFields(List<Field> fields, Class<?> type) {

    if (type.getSuperclass() != null) {
        getAllFields(fields, type.getSuperclass());

    return fields;

public void getLinkedListFields() {
    System.out.println(getAllFields(new LinkedList<Field>(), LinkedList.class));