Java – Scala Main Class not found in Eclipse ide


I installed scala and scala IDE for eclipse. I get this message everytime I try to compile a simple "HelloWorld":

package asd

object testobject {
  def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {

"Error: Mainclass asd.testobject could not be found"

New Scala Project -> asd

New Scala Object -> Copy&Paste the code above

Run As -> Scala Application

My problem is that I've tried literally everything I found on the internet and it wont work. I really dont know why it doesnt work.
Main class in Runconfig: asd.testobject.
I really hope that anyone of you can help me, I think I didnt include the environment or scala jre somewhere…??

scala -version : 2.11.6

EDIT:: @dragonborn
I'm not quite sure what do you mean? I made a picture which shows my config for scala. Can you explain it?

I cannot post pictures here so here is the Link:
scala config

Best Solution

Though it is Scala IDE :) it still expects the class scala file to be found in the right package dir.

e.g. testobject.scala should be part of src/main/scala/asd

We too had to change the scala file location for our app Main class to be able to debug it in Scala IDE. Small nuisance.