Java – Sending a keyboard event from java to any application (on-screen-keyboard)


I am working on developing an on-screen keyboard with java. This keyboard has a JComponent for every possible key. When a mouse down is detected on the button, I want to send a specific keyboard code to the application currently on focus. The keyboard itself is within a JFrame with no decorations and set to always-on-top.

I found that the Robot class can be used to simulate these keyboard events on the native queue. However, in this case, selecting the JComponent would mean that the key-press is received on the JFrame, and I wouldn't be able to receive it in the other application

How can I keep my on-screen keyboard "Always-without-focus"? Is it maybe possible to use another approach to send the key-press?

Best Solution

I found jnativehook when I was trying to control a gamebot with actual keyboard and mouse commands (to be more "human-like").