Java – “SocketException: Unconnected sockets not implemented” with self-signed SSL certificate


(I've asked the same question of the jmeter-user mailing list, but I wanted to try here as well – so at the least I can update this with the answer once I find it).

I'm having trouble using JMeter to test a Tomcat webapp using a self-signed SSL cert. JMeter throws a SocketException with message Unconnected sockets not implemented. According to JMeter's docs, the application is designed and written to accept any certificate, self-signed or CA signed or whatever.

Has anyone run into this specific exception before?

I've attempted to export this certificate from the server and import it into my local keystore (with keytool -import -alias tomcat -file ), but the result is the same.

I've also tried setting as a JVM arg (the JSSE reference guide lists this as a debugging step); however, I don't see any debugging output anywhere – should I expect this somewhere other than standard out/error?

Best Solution

Most implementations define all createSocket() methods that have parameters as abstract. But have a createSocket() method without parameters that looks like this:

public Socket createSocket() throws IOException {
   throw new SocketException("Unconnected sockets not implemented");

So if you subclass the abstract you will be force to override the methods with parameter, but it's easy to miss to override the createSocket() method without parameters. Thus the exception is thrown if your code calls createSocket(). Simply override the method and the be done. :)