Java – the best approach for a Java developer to learn C++


I consider myself an experienced Java developer and am planning to get started with learning C++.

If you had same experience, i.e learn C++ after Java, I would like to hear your thoughts on what is the best approach at doing this.

[Update] "the best approach" was not well quantified. What I am looking for is to leverage my existing java knowledge and programming experience so that I can quickly ramp up on C++.

Best Solution

I've taught C++ to Java people, even though I learned them the other direction.

Are you comfortable with C? If not, read Kernighan and Ritchie. Many many peculiarities of C++ are explained by the desire for C++ to be a "Better C" with C's basic expression syntax.

You should get Stroustrup.

I think well of Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckels.

I've used The C++ FAQ Book, by Cline, Lomow, and Girou; I refer to it pretty often. Marshall Cline has C++ FAQ content on his site, too.


You might also look at C++ for Java Programmers. I don't know the book but it looks decent.