Java – How to filter a Java Collection (based on predicate)


I want to filter a java.util.Collection based on a predicate.

Best Solution

Java 8 (2014) solves this problem using streams and lambdas in one line of code:

List<Person> beerDrinkers =
    .filter(p -> p.getAge() > 16).collect(Collectors.toList());

Here's a tutorial.

Use Collection#removeIf to modify the collection in place. (Notice: In this case, the predicate will remove objects who satisfy the predicate):

persons.removeIf(p -> p.getAge() <= 16);

lambdaj allows filtering collections without writing loops or inner classes:

List<Person> beerDrinkers = select(persons, having(on(Person.class).getAge(),

Can you imagine something more readable?

Disclaimer: I am a contributor on lambdaj