Java – viable handwriting recognition library / program?


I'm looking to process a bunch of scanned response postcards that have handwritten contact information on them (ie Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc).

I'm curious if there is a viable open-source library or piece of software to do this (ideally Java or R). In looking around a lot of the information is from 2009 or early and isn't very encouraging.

The language is English.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: I've looked at the OCRopus page but the latest version is from May 2009. Anyone have any experience with this or is there a more recent version?

Best Solution

I am not aware about any working open source Handwriting recognition library, regardless I am in the OCR space for a while already. Typically handwriting is more difficult than OCR and I would say that there is no even decent commercial solution. All that exist have their own issues and can only work in very narrow applications like when dictionary is limited, text is well-written, etc. If you still interested I would recommend checking technology from french company I2IA

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