Java – Web service frameworks for Java 1.4


We want to implement web services on our Weblogic 8.1 Java 1.4 application. We want to create new server services and call services in other apps. And we need to stick with Java 1.4 (for now).

Due to 1.4 we can't use frameworks like Restlet or Jersey. Are there any good web service (preferably REST) API frameworks that support Java 1.4?

We could do a home grown solution if necessarily. Ie: just setup servlets on the server side and on the client side just use something like HttpURLConnection.

Best Solution

Java 1.4 is EOL since 2006. REST become a 'hype' since around 2008.

Almost no one API/framework builder is going to support EOL'ed products, so don't expect much.

You can however homegrow one yourself. It's basically easy to do with help of a Filter.