Java – Which Java profiler is better: JProfiler or YourKit?


Which profiler is better for general purpose profiling and heap analysis? 90% of our apps are standalone command line programs with substantial database and numeric processing. The other 10% are webapps/servlet container apps (with very little JSP and NO SCRIPLETS!). Target user would be Sr Software Engineer with 5-10 years of industry experience. We need support only for Sun JDK 5 and.

As of writing this question (2008-10-02), JProfiler was at 5.1.4 and YourKit was 7.5. Looks like YourKit 8.0 will be released soon.

Best Solution

I've used both JProfiler 4 and YourKit 7.5, and YourKit wins hands down. It's so much less invasive than JProfile, in that I'll happy run production servers with the YourKit agent installed, which I would never do with JProfiler.

Also, the analysis tool that comes with YourKit is more intuitive (in my opinion), making it easier to get the root cause of problems.