Java – Which Java web development framework for an AJAX application


I read through a few threads (simple web framework, java web development, etc). Very informative. However I have not seen a focus on the AJAX side of things. For the app I am trying to create, most of the client side will be written in Google GWT, and JSON will be used to communicate with the server side. In that case, all templating is pretty much useless.

For my purposes, which framework would be the simplest to setup and easiest to learn?


To clarify, I want a server side framework. GWT is great for client side, but I need something to generate json responses on the server side.

Best Solution

None at all, most likely: GWT is framework enough, given that's what you're using. The only reason I can think of to add anything else might be if there was some special effect you absolutely craved (but if you've chosen to go GWT, my recommendation would be to give up on such special effects),