Javadoc link to method in other class


Currently I'm referencing methods in other classes with this Javadoc syntax:

@see {@link}

And in what I understand from the documentation this is the correct way to do this. But now to the funny part, or frustrating. When I generate this javadoc I first of all get following error:

warning - Tag @see:illegal character: "123" in "{@link}"
warning - Tag @see:illegal character: "64" in "{@link}"
warning - Tag @see: reference not found: {@link}

The Generated HTML code of this is:

"," <code>}</code> ","

And of course I have no link.
Can anyone tell me what's happening, and any hints on how to fix this?

According to the ASCII table characters 123 and 64 for wold represent { and @, so why aren't these characters valid when this syntax is correct according to the documentation?

Best Solution

For the Javadoc tag @see, you don't need to use @link; Javadoc will create a link for you. Try


Here's more info about @see.