Javascript – Access parent window from iframe (cross-domain)


I've encountered the task to access parent window from iFrame, if the window in iFrame was loaded from another domain. If I understand correctly, all modern browsers do now allow to do this. So I'm here to find the best solution.

I'm going to accomplish this next way:

I have an overlay with an iFrame within it. This will work instead of pop-ups to prevent pop-up blockers to block my content. The task is to reload the main page when the document in the iFrame finishes some work.
In a document, which will be loaded to an iFrame, I will add

<div id="is_closed" class="false"></div>

In a parent window I'll add function, which will be called every second and check if this div still has class name "false". When this will be changed to "true", I'll call some callbacks.

If you have any better solution, please share it with me. Will appreciate any help.

Edit: This is impossible because it's not only impossible to manipulate parent window from child window, but vice versa too. My idea was to manipulate child window from parent window. I was wrong.

Best Solution

If I were you I would check out window.postMessage. It may do what you want:

For reference see the following: