Javascript – Accessing iframe elements across different domains


I understand that cross site scripting (xss) is not good and is not supported in most browsers. However, I am building a page to be used only by about 3 or 4 people within my company. On this page I have a frame from another domain and I need the parent page to be able to access the values within that frame.

So my question is, is there a way (changing settings, etc), in either Firefox or IE7, to allow this to happen? Preferably (though not necessarily) any setting change would be for my domain explicitly.

I've found some help online that says that in FF you can add capability.policy to allow this. I haven't had any luck though, perhaps that isn't supported in FF3.

Best Solution

For those looking, there is a great backwards-compatible, javascript-only way to communicate across domains. Short, easy code as well. Perfect solution? As long as you have request modifications to the parent and the child: