Javascript – Advice “upgrading” from jQuery 1.2.6 to YUI 3


I have a web application that is using both jQuery 1.2.6 and YUI 2.6.0 and I am thinking about upgrading one or both of these libraries. The current versions (as of this question) are jQuery 1.3.2 and YUI 3.0.0 (beta 1). The main reason for jQuery was the selector engine, and the main reason for YUI was components like TreeView and DataTable. Now that YUI 3 includes Sizzle (the same selector engine as jQuery), I am thinking about only upgrading YUI and removing jQuery.

From both experience and Mixing jQuery and YUI together in an app, is it easily possible?, I know I can have both, but it doesn't feel right. I prefer one way of doing AJAX calls, DOM events, plug-ins, etc.

Has anyone does this or have any advice for me? We already use jQuery in noConflict mode to avoid the use of $.

Best Solution

I've not encountered any issues using the YUI Calendar widget with jQuery for all my other needs.

YUI3 has a Global Object conecept which is designed to mitigate conflict issues, as I understand it.

You might want to check the YUI3 road map

Tree View and DataTable arnt mentioned, unless I've missed them. There are only four initial widgets mentioned for Q4 09.