Javascript – an easy way to call Asc() and Chr() in JavaScript for Unicode values


I am not that familiar with Javascript, and am looking for the function that returns the UNICODE value of a character, and given the UNICODE value, returns the string equivalent. I'm sure there is something simple, but I don't see it.


  • ASC("A") = 65
  • CHR(65) = "A"
  • ASC("ਔ") = 2580
  • CHR(2580) = "ਔ"

Best Solution

Have a look at:




The first must be called on the String class (literally String.fromCharCode...) and will return "@" (for 64). The second should be run on a String instance (e.g., "@@@".charCodeAt...) and returns the Unicode code of the first character (the '0' is a position within the string, you can get the codes for other characters in the string by changing that to another number).

The script snippet:

document.write("Unicode for character ਔ is: " + "ਔ".charCodeAt(0) + "<br />");
document.write("Character 2580 is " + String.fromCharCode(2580) + "<br />");


Unicode for character ਔ is: 2580
Character 2580 is ਔ