Javascript – Any examples of Flot with floating tooltips


I am currently working on a Flot graph, the API which seems pretty powerful overall, although examples of advanced use are not widely documented.

The API suggests there are ways to set hoverable on the graph, not that I am sure what exactly that means I can do with it.

I would like to know if anyone could contribute some examples that they have come across, or code for that matter, which demonstrate examples of any of the following:

  • Dynamic tooltips triggered by hover over events on Flot chart elements
  • Tick tooltips (hovering over the xaxis shows detail)
  • Any kind of hover over / dynamic event binding which has been used w Flot

The effect I am looking for is similar to this Open Flash Chart example

Best Solution

Have a look at this flot example which demonstrates tooltips for plot points on the chart. (Make sure you select the Enable tooltip checkbox.)