Javascript – Best practices for declaring functions inside jquery ready function


I haven't found a good reference for declaring my own functions inside the


I want to declare them so they are inside the same scope of the ready closure. I don't want to clutter the global js namespace so I don't want them declared outside of the ready closure because they will be specific to just the code inside.

So how does one declare such a function…and I'm not referring to a custom jquery extension method/function…just a regular 'ol function that does something trivial say like:

function multiple( a, b ){ 
    return a * b; 

I want to follow the jquery recommendation and function declaration syntax. I can get it to work by just declaring a function like the multiply one above…but it doesn't look correct to me for some reason so I guess I just need some guidance.

Best Solution

I believe that you would be okay just declaring the function inside the ready() closure, but here you can be a bit more explicit about the local scoping:

jQuery.ready(function() {

     var myFunc = function() {

           // do some stuff here