Javascript – callback on completion of a CSS3 animation


Is there any way to implement a callback function in case of css3 animation? In case of Javascript animation its possible but not finding any way to do it in css3.

One way I could see is to execute callback after the animation duration but that doesn't make sure that it will always be called right after the animation ends. It will depend on the browser UI queue. I want a more robust method. Any clue?

Best Solution

Yes, there is. The callback is an event, so you must add an event listener to catch it. This is an example with jQuery:

$("#sun").bind('oanimationend animationend webkitAnimationEnd', function() { 

Or pure js:

element.addEventListener("webkitAnimationEnd", callfunction,false);
element.addEventListener("animationend", callfunction,false);
element.addEventListener("oanimationend", callfunction,false);

Live demo: