Javascript – Canceling a Deferred Promise in jQuery


How can I cancel a promise without removing the element from the DOM?


I ran this code:


After this, is there a way to cancel the promise? Both clearQueue() and stop(true) didn't work, because it's not an animation that I'm trying to cancel. I saw that remove() should do it … but I only want to stop the promise, not remove the entire element.

Best Solution

Good news. Since yesterday you can cancel your promise.

I published the new version of my small plugin jquery-timing that provides two methods amongst many others called .wait() and .unwait().

var deferred = $("#box").delay(2000).show("slow").delay(2000).promise();
$.wait(deferred, function(){ log("Done"); });

If you then want to unregister the callback:


These static versions of wait and unwait also support an optional group name to not cancel any handler but only a specific set.

Besides that you can do a lot more smart stuff like:


or the whole code in one chain, without unwait option:


or the same even shorter with option to cancel the two pauses:

  .wait(2000, function(){log("Done");})).addClass('ready');

Just see the docs, examples, and API what fits best for you.