Javascript – Change HTML name attribute using JavaScript


On the press of a div (which I made into a button with other code) I would like the following code:

<div id="w1" name="w1-0" onclick="weekclick(id)">1<br /></div>

…for the name to change from name="w1-0" to name="w1-1"

I'm using the following JavaScript:

function weekclick(id)
 document.getElementById(id) = "w1-1";

When I alert the id's name attribute, it says it is undefined. What do?

Best Solution

see code below:

<div id="w1" name='w1-0' onclick="weekclick(id)">1<br /></div>
<div onclick="weekclick('w1');">click me</div>​

<script type="text/javascript">
function weekclick(id) {    

link to fiddle -

(remove the alert line from the fiddle - it is just there to show you that it works)