Javascript – Command Line Options For YUI Compressor


This is probably a quick question. I'd like to run the YUI compressor so that, instead of overwriting all of the javascript files in the input directory, it dumps the output files into a subdirectory called min. I would like to do something like

java -jar yuicompressor-2.4.7.jar -o *.js .\min\*.js c:\MyJavascriptDirectory\*.*

but instead it just overwrites the existing files with the minified files. Does anyone know the correct syntax to accomplish this?


Best Solution

I'm not sure of the correct syntax to do that, but someone has made a modification so that you can set up your output directory as follows

java -jar yuicompressor.jar --output-dir /some/folder/for/compressed/js *js

This allows you to have a source folder and a compressed folder. As opposed to having source and a bunch of -min.js files in the same folder.

You can download the mod at the bottom of the page here