Javascript – Convert JavaScript object into URI-encoded string


I got a JavaScript object which I would like to get x-www-form-urlencoded.

Something like $('#myform').serialize() but for objects.

The following object:

    firstName: "Jonas",
    lastName: "Gauffin"

would get encoded to:

firstName=Jonas&lastName=Gauffin (do note that special characters should get encoded properly)

Best Solution

Please look closely at both answers I provide here to determine which fits you best.

Answer 1:

Likely what you need: Readies a JSON to be used in a URL as a single argument, for later decoding.





For those who just want a function to do it:

function jsonToURI(json){ return encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(json)); }

function uriToJSON(urijson){ return JSON.parse(decodeURIComponent(urijson)); }

Answer 2:

Uses a JSON as a source of key value pairs for x-www-form-urlencoded output.


// This should probably only be used if all JSON elements are strings
function xwwwfurlenc(srcjson){
    if(typeof srcjson !== "object")
      if(typeof console !== "undefined"){
        console.log("\"srcjson\" is not a JSON object");
        return null;
    u = encodeURIComponent;
    var urljson = "";
    var keys = Object.keys(srcjson);
    for(var i=0; i <keys.length; i++){
        urljson += u(keys[i]) + "=" + u(srcjson[keys[i]]);
        if(i < (keys.length-1))urljson+="&";
    return urljson;

// Will only decode as strings
// Without embedding extra information, there is no clean way to
// know what type of variable it was.
function dexwwwfurlenc(urljson){
    var dstjson = {};
    var ret;
    var reg = /(?:^|&)(\w+)=(\w+)/g;
    while((ret = reg.exec(urljson)) !== null){
        dstjson[ret[1]] = ret[2];
    return dstjson;