Javascript – Copying of an array of objects to another Array without object reference in javascript(Deep copy)


I have a scenario where i need to copy the array of Objects(Main array) to another Temp array which should not have object reference basically if i make any modification to Main array it should not reflect in the Temp array so that i will preserve the copy independently.

I have used one of the code snippet from stack overflow this one does partially like if i delete all objects from the Main array the temp array still hold the value but when i do some modifications in main array and click cancel button iam removing all objects from the main array using array.Removeall(); but the modification still exist in Temp array so which means that object having a reference.

clone: function (existingArray) {
  var newObj = (existingArray instanceof Array) ? [] : {};
  console.debug('newObj value is ' + newObj);
  for (i in existingArray) {
    console.debug('i value is' + i);
    if (i == 'clone') continue;
    console.debug('existingArray[i] value ' + existingArray[i]);
    if (existingArray[i] && typeof existingArray[i] == "object") {

      newObj[i] = this.clone(existingArray[i]);
    } else {
      console.debug('in else part ' + existingArray[i]);
      newObj[i] = existingArray[i];
  return newObj;

my object structure is like

iam using knockout framework.

newObjectCreation = function (localIp, RemoteIp, areaId) {
  this.localIP = ko.observable(localIp);
  this.remoteIP = ko.observable(RemoteIp);
  this.areaId = ko.observable(areaId);

template.ProtocolArray.push(new newObjectCreation('', '', '')); // to create default row

please help me in this regard.
Thanks in advance.

Best Solution

Let me understand: you don't want just have a new array, but you want to create a new instance for all objects are present in the array itself? So if you modify one of the objects in the temp array, that changes is not propagated to the main array?

If it's the case, it depends by the values you're keeping in the main array. If these objects are simple objects, and they can be serialized in JSON, then the quickest way is:

var tempArray = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(mainArray));

If you have more complex objects (like instances created by some your own constructors, html nodes, etc) then you need an approach ad hoc.


If you don't have any methods on your newObjectCreation, you could use JSON, however the constructor won't be the same. Otherwise you have to do the copy manually:

var tempArray = [];
for (var i = 0, item; item = mainArray[i++];) {
    tempArray[i] = new newObjectCreation(item.localIP, item.remoteIP, item.areaId);