Javascript – event.preventDefault() function not working in IE


Following is my JavaScript (mootools) code:

$('orderNowForm').addEvent('submit', function (event) {
    allFilled = false;
    $$(".required").each(function (inp) {
        if (inp.getValue() != '') {
            allFilled = true;

    if (!allFilled) {
        $$(".errormsg").setStyle('display', '');
    } else {
        $$('.defaultText').each(function (input) {
            if (input.getValue() == input.getAttribute('title')) {
                input.setAttribute('value', '');

        onSuccess: function () {
            $('page_1_table').setStyle('display', 'none');
            $('page_2_table').setStyle('display', 'none');
            $('page_3_table').setStyle('display', '');

In all browsers except IE, this works fine. But in IE, this causes an error. I have IE8 so while using its JavaScript debugger, I found out that the event object does not have a preventDefault method which is causing the error and so the form is getting submitted. The method is supported in case of Firefox (which I found out using Firebug).

Any Help?

Best Solution

in IE, you can use

event.returnValue = false;

to achieve the same result.

And in order not to get an error, you can test for the existence of preventDefault:

if(event.preventDefault) event.preventDefault();

You can combine the two with:

event.preventDefault ? event.preventDefault() : (event.returnValue = false);