Javascript – Fading visibility of element using jQuery


I'm having some trouble with finding the visibility param for JQuery.

Basically… the code below does nothing.

    visibility: "visible"

There's nothing wrong with the animate code (I replaced visibility with fontSize and it was fine. I just can't seem to find the correct param name equivalent for "visibility" in css.

Best Solution

You could set the opacity to 0.0 (i.e. "invisible") and visibility to visible (to make the opacity relevant), then animate the opacity from 0.0 to 1.0 (to fade it in):

$('ul.load_details').css({opacity: 0.0, visibility: "visible"}).animate({opacity: 1.0});

Because you set the opacity to 0.0, it's invisible despite being set to "visible". The opacity animation should give you the fade-in you're looking for.

Or, of course, you could use the .show() or .fadeTo() animations.

EDIT: Volomike is correct. CSS of course specifies that opacity takes a value between 0.0 and 1.0, not between 0 and 100. Fixed.