Javascript – Fixed table header with horizontal AND vertical scrolling body



  • Column width of table header and table body should be same.
  • Table header to be fixed on vertical scroll.
  • Table header to be moved on horizontal scroll.
  • Header to be displayed inside scroll-able division of HTML.

Problem statements:

  • Table header does not get fixed on vertical scroll.
  • Header displayed out of scroll-able division of HTML(When header position is fixed).

I have seen many posts, but could not find the solution to this particular problem statement.

I have created two JSFiddles to demonstrate the problem statements:

Fiddle01: Solution works good as a separate module.

Fiddle02: Solution does not work when its integrated with other divs.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

$(function() {
var $window = $(window);
var $table = $('table');
var $head = $table.find('thead');
var $body = $table.find('tbody');
var $headTds1 = $head.find('tr').eq(0).find('th');
var $headTds2 = $head.find('tr').eq(1).find('th');
var $bodyTds = $body.find('tr').eq(0).find('td');
var tableWidth = $table.outerWidth();
// console.log("Width:"+tableWidth);
var $tableNew = $('<table/>');
var cl = 0; // colspan total length
var cc = 0; // colspan count

$table.css({ width: tableWidth });
    .attr("class", $table.attr("class"))
    .css({ width: tableWidth });

$head.css({ background: '#fff' });

$.each($headTds1, function(index, value) {
    var $headTd = $(value);
    var colspan = $headTd.attr('colspan') || 0;

    if (colspan) {
        while (colspan) {
            addwidth($($headTds2[cl]), $($bodyTds[index + cl - cc]));
    } else {
        addwidth($headTd, $($bodyTds[index + cl - cc]));

function addwidth($headTd, $bodyTd) {
    var headTdwidth2 = $headTd.outerWidth();
    var bodyTdwidth2 = $bodyTd.outerWidth();
    var width2 = headTdwidth2 > bodyTdwidth2 ? headTdwidth2 : bodyTdwidth2;

    $bodyTd.css({ 'width': width2 });
    $headTd.css({ 'width': width2 });

    var headTdwidth = $headTd.width();
    var bodyTdwidth = $bodyTd.width();
    var width = headTdwidth > bodyTdwidth ? headTdwidth : bodyTdwidth;
    $bodyTd.html('<div style="width: ' + width + 'px">' + $bodyTd.html() + '</div>');
    $headTd.html('<div style="width: ' + width + 'px">' + $headTd.html() + '</div>');

// $table.css({ 'margin-top': $tableNew.height() });

$tableNew.css({ position: 'fixed' });


function reLeft() {
    $tableNew.css({ left: $table.offset().left - $window.scrollLeft() });

Best Solution

You are cloning the table for fix header, better you can direct fix the header of original table which will results the same.

Element with position:fixed changes the width with respect to viewport, which results width gets change on scrolling as you can check here


instead of position:fixed use relative in th and it is working with your parent div which has min-height:100px.


You can see both horizontal and vertical scroll bar at a time on removing min-height of parent div which I have commented in the below fiddle.