Javascript – getting path of file dropped into HTA


I am building a little HTA for personal use, and would like to be able to drag and drop a file to the interface. Once the file is dropped, I would either automatically run it (assuming it fits some parameters I set, like file extension), or at least fill in the input box on the HTA interface.

I've searched extensively, but can't find a solution. Thoughts?

Best Solution

Tomalak, is incorrect in his statement...there is way to do what you want except that you have to add the DropHandler in the registry for HTA files it's really easy to do and once done you will be able to do exactly what your trying to do. I couldn't find much documentation on it, but here is a link to an HTA that was written a long time ago by a guy named Michel Gallant, that shows you how to it:

When the HTA is launched it looks to see if you have the DropHandler already configured. If you don't it gives you the option for it to configure it for you. Once configure all you have to do is close and reopen the HTA and wallah, there you go Drag and Drop support in HTA files.

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