Javascript – How do facebook applications work


Here's a little bit about my situation:
I want to be able to retrieve a list of emails for the friends of a given user.

Here is how I would like the process to go:

  1. A div box pops up with a login (used to log in to their facebook account, not my website's account system – that is separate)
  2. Then once the user has entered their facebook credentials, they will have a button appear.
    • Send email to all friends.

If they click on this button I would like an email sent out to all of that user's friends.

I only want to pull out emails from a user's friends, so…

1) Is it actually a facebook app that I'm creating?

Many of the tutorials talk about facebook apps and how you have to go to facebook and create an app from there and set all of these settings for page redirects and such. I didn't think I wanted it to be an app, all I want is the information.

2) If I do need it to be an app, how is it supposed to interact with my website? Some talk about iframes, or other methods… How am I supposed to know which to use and how I can integrate it into my site?

Best Solution

You have to create app through facebook, but it's only for autorization information.

  • api key
  • api secret

And you have to few options for working with facebook API from C#