Javascript – How to change the pop-up position of the jQuery DatePicker control


Any idea how to get the DatePicker to appear at the end of the associated text box instead of directly below it? What tends to happen is that the text box is towards the bottom of the page and the DatePicker shifts up to account for it and totally covers the text box. If the user wants to type the date instead of pick it, they can't. I'd rather have it appear just after the text box so it doesn't matter how it adjusts vertically.

Any idea how to control the positioning? I didn't see any settings for the widget, and I haven't had any luck tweaking the CSS settings, but I could easily be missing something.

Best Solution

Here's what I'm using:

    beforeShow: function(input, inst) {
            marginTop: -input.offsetHeight + 'px', 
            marginLeft: input.offsetWidth + 'px'

You may also want to add a bit more to the left margin so it's not right up against the input field.