Javascript – How to check a radio button with jQuery


I try to check a radio button with jQuery. Here's my code:

    <div id='type'>
        <input type='radio' id='radio_1' name='type' value='1' />
        <input type='radio' id='radio_2' name='type' value='2' />
        <input type='radio' id='radio_3' name='type' value='3' /> 

And the JavaScript:

jQuery("#radio_1").attr('checked', true);

Doesn't work:

jQuery("input[value='1']").attr('checked', true);

Doesn't work:

jQuery('input:radio[name="type"]').filter('[value="1"]').attr('checked', true);

Doesn't work:

Do you have another idea? What am I missing?

Best Solution

For versions of jQuery equal or above (>=) 1.6, use:

$("#radio_1").prop("checked", true);

For versions prior to (<) 1.6, use:

$("#radio_1").attr('checked', 'checked');

Tip: You may also want to call click() or change() on the radio button afterwards. See comments for more info.