Javascript – How to Disable Click on a radio button without disabling it in JQuery


Requirement :
I want to 'disable Click of a radio button' using JQuery. The radio button will be already checked, before click.


1) The disable attribute should not be set to true. Means we must not radio button to make click disable on it.

2) If user clicks on that radio button, then it should not get unchecked.

Why Such Requirement:
A Common JQuery is already written for onClick of all Radios in form. I want it not to get executed at all for particular radio.

As I do not have authority to change that jQuery. That JQuery enable disable some other elements on form on clicking of radio.

so i need to handle that in my Jquery either onload or some other method. I hope requirements are clear. Please help!!

From Answers i have created three fiddle but none worked yet.


Looking, If someone can contribute more

Best Solution

I think you are asking "How can I remove an event handler from a specific radio button after some other code (which I don't have access to) adds the handler to all radio buttons in my form?"

If this is correct, you could simply give your radio an id and then call: $( "#myRadio").unbind( "click" );