Javascript – How to hide a TD tag using inline JavaScript or CSS


How can I hide a <td> tag using JavaScript or inline CSS?

Best Solution


visibility: hidden


<td class="hide"/>

Edit- Just for you

The difference between display and visibility is this.

"display": has many properties or values, but the ones you're focused on are "none" and "block". "none" is like a hide value, and "block" is like show. If you use the "none" value you will totally hide what ever html tag you have applied this css style. If you use "block" you will see the html tag and it's content. very simple.

"visibility": has many values, but we want to know more about the "hidden" and "visible" values. "hidden" will work in the same way as the "block" value for display, but this will hide tag and it's content, but it will not hide the phisical space of that tag. For example, if you have a couple of text lines, then and image (picture) and then a table with three columns and two rows with icons and text. Now if you apply the visibility css with the hidden value to the image, the image will disappear but the space the image was using will remaing in it's place, in other words, you will end with a big space (hole) between the text and the table. Now if you use the "visible" value your target tag and it's elements will be visible again.