Javascript – How to navigate in nested JSON


I have nested JSON object like

                             {"_events": [{"start_time": "2011-07-31 17:35", "lines":
[{"comment": "", "coeff": "2.35", "title": "2", "old_coeff": "2.35", "is_main": true}, 
{"comment": "", "coeff": "1.59", "title": "2", "old_coeff": "1.59", "is_main": true}, 
{"comment": "", "coeff": "1.59", "title": "2", "old_coeff": "1.59", "is_main": true}, 
{"comment": "", "coeff": "2.35", "title": "2", "old_coeff": "2.35", "is_main": true}], 
"members": ["atlanta", "florida"]

And i need get _events array and parse it too. But I don't know what will be in cells before _events and how they will. How do I work with this structure?

Best Solution

function recursiveGetProperty(obj, lookup, callback) {
    for (property in obj) {
        if (property == lookup) {
        } else if (obj[property] instanceof Object) {
            recursiveGetProperty(obj[property], lookup, callback);

And just use it like this:

recursiveGetProperty(yourObject, '_events', function(obj) {
    // do something with it.

Here's a working jsFiddle: (note: it outputs to the console, so you need to Ctrl+Shift+J/Cmnd+Option+I in chrome or open firebug in Firefox and then re-run it)