Javascript – How to pass multiple arguments into a javascript callback function


Javascript code:

function doSomething(v1,v2){ //blah; }

function SomeClass(callbackFunction,callbackFuncParameters(*Array*))={
   this.callback = callbackFunction;
   this.method = function(){
       this.callback(parameters[0],parameters[1])  // *.*

var obj = new SomeClass( doSomething, Array('v1text','v2text') );

The problem is if I change function doSomething to

function doSomething(v1,v2,v3){ //blah; }

I have to change the corresponding line (marked as //*.*) in SomeClass to


What can be done to avoid the (*.*) line to be changed no matter how the number of 'doSomething' function's parameters is changed?

Thanks a lot!

Best Solution

You probably want to use the apply method

this.callback.apply(this, parameters);

The first parameter to apply indicates the value of "this" within the callback and can be set to any value.