Javascript – How to split a string with multiple separators in JavaScript


How do I split a string with multiple separators in JavaScript?

I'm trying to split on both commas and spaces, but AFAIK JavaScript's split() function only supports one separator.

Best Solution

Pass in a regexp as the parameter:

js> "Hello awesome, world!".split(/[\s,]+/)

Edited to add:

You can get the last element by selecting the length of the array minus 1:

>>> bits = "Hello awesome, world!".split(/[\s,]+/)
["Hello", "awesome", "world!"]
>>> bit = bits[bits.length - 1]

... and if the pattern doesn't match:

>>> bits = "Hello awesome, world!".split(/foo/)
["Hello awesome, world!"]
>>> bits[bits.length - 1]
"Hello awesome, world!"