Javascript – How to use jQuery to move a div across the screen


I need to make multiple divs move from right to left across the screen and stop when it gets to the edge. I have been playing with jQuery lately, and it seem like what I want can be done using that. Does anyone have or know where I can find an example of this?

Best Solution

You will want to check out the jQuery animate() feature. The standard way of doing this is positioning an element absolutely and then animating the "left" or "right" CSS property. An equally popular way is to increase/decrease the left or right margin.

Now, having said this, you need to be aware of severe performance loss for any type of animation that lasts longer than a second or two. Javascript was simply not meant to handle long, sustained, slow animations. This has to do with the way the DOM element is redrawn and recalculated for each "frame" of the animation. If you're doing a page-width animation that lasts more than a couple seconds, expect to see your processor spike by 50% or more. If you're on IE6, prepare to see your computer spontaneously combust into a flaming ball of browser incompetence.

To read up on this, check out this thread (from my very first Stackoverflow post no less)!

Here's a link to the jQuery docs for the animate() feature: