Javascript – HTML table with fixed headers and a fixed column?


Is there a CSS/JavaScript technique to display a long HTML table such that the column headers stay fixed on-screen and the first coloumn stay fixed and scroll with the data.

I want to be able to scroll through the contents of the table, but to always be able to see the column headers at the top and the first column on the left.

If there is a jQuery plugin that would be great! If it helps the only browser I care about is Firefox.

Best Solution

Working example of link posted by pranav:,js,output

FYI: Tested in IE 6, 7, & 8 (compatibility mode on or off), FF 3 & 3.5, Chrome 2. Not screen-reader-friendly (headers aren't part of content table).

EDIT 5/5/14: moved example to jsBin. This is old, but amazingly still works in current Chrome, IE, and Firefox (though IE and Firefox might require some adjustments to row heights).