Javascript – Injecting services into AngularJS directive controller directly


I understand how Angular dependency injection works with directives but wanted clarification on something. I have a dummy test directive as follows:

app.directive("test", [

  function() {

    return {
      restrict: "E",
      scope: {},
      controller: ["$scope", "$filter",
        function($scope, $filter) {
          var food = ["Apple pie", "Apple cobler", "Banana Split", "Cherry Pie", "Applesauce"];

          $scope.favorites = $filter('filter')(food, "Apple");
      template: "<div>{{favorites}}</div>"

This works fine and will filter the food array as expected. However I noticed if I inject the $filter service in the directive as follows, it still works:

app.directive("test", ["$filter",

  function($filter) {

    return {
      restrict: "E",
      scope: {},
      controller: ["$scope",function($scope) {...

My question: Is it better practice to inject services into a directive in the declaration line like so:

app.directive("test", ["$filter", function($filter) {

or in the controller line like this:

controller: ["$scope", "$filter", function($scope, $filter) {?

Is there no difference? Here is a Plunker of the directive code.

Best Solution

In this case, you're receiving the same service, so it likely doesn't matter too much. I personally prefer to keep them as localized as possible; if you don't need $filter in the link function or something like that, I'd just inject it into the controller.

In certain cases, this may also make it easier to mock dependencies during testing.

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