Javascript – Is it possible to use ES5 JavaScript with Angular 2 instead of TypeScript


Is it needed to learn TypeScript for Angular 2?

Can Angular 2 be used with plain JavaScript ?

Edit: I've seen that the languages used as ES6, ES7, Dart compile to JavaScript to be executed, but I haven't seen any reference to use ES5 JavaScript directly.

Best Solution

Yes, you can.

Go read this guide. Pressing the ES5 tab on the code examples will show you regular ES5 JavaScript, as apposed to TypeScript.

The API preview is, for obvious reasons, incomplete though. So you may not find the ES5 methods listed there yet, and some of it may change before release.

Current example of Angular 2.0 main component in ES5.

function AppComponent() {}

AppComponent.annotations = [
  new angular.ComponentAnnotation({
    selector: 'my-app'
  new angular.ViewAnnotation({
    template: '<h1>My first Angular 2 App</h1>'

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {