Javascript – Is “Put Scripts at the Bottom” Correct?


In the Best Practices to improve web site Performance, Steve Souders mentioned one rule "Move Scripts to the Bottom". It's a little confusing. Actually, I notice that a lot of web pages that doesn't put script at bottom, while YSlow still mark A for these pages.

So, when should I follow the rule "Put Scripts at the Bottom"?

Best Solution

When a user requests a page from your site, the page HTML starts streaming to the browser. As soon as a browser encounters a tag for an external image, script, CSS file, etc., it will start downloading that file simultaneously.

If you put your scripts at the bottom of a page, they'll be loaded last. In other words, the HTML content/structure/css/images of youe page/app will be loaded first, and something can show up in the browser faster; Your users don't have to wait for a script to finish downloading before they see something in your application.