Javascript – is there some dojo.fx.sleep function to use within a dojo.fx.chain animation


I would like to fadeIn a node over one second. Then leave it on for 10 seconds. Then fadeOut for another 3 seconds. One way of chaining this would be as follows:

   dojo.fadeIn({node:myNode, duration:1000}), // fading in for 1 second
   dojo.fadeIn({node:myNode, duration:10000}), // this does nothing for 10 seconds
   dojo.fadeOut({node:myNode, duration:3000}) // fade out for 3 seconds

In the previous code, the middle step is a very silly way of achieving nothing. Is there some sort of dojo.fx.sleep animation that does nothing for a specified length of time?

Best Solution

I'm not a dojo user, but the common idiom from JQuery and Prototype is the delay property, which also seems to be present in Dojo:

dojo.addOnLoad(function() { 
  var animationArguments = {
    node: “testHeading”,
    duration: 1000,       // ms to run animation
    delay: 250            // ms to stall before playing